Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot is a game of dominos belonging to the "Trains" family and is similar to the game of Mexican train. It is also known by several other names such as Chickie, Chickie dominoes and Chicken dominoes. The game of Chicken Foot progresses in rounds, 1 round for each of the double domino present in the set. It is generally played by two to eight players who use any of the standard sets of double-eighteen, double-fifteen, double-twelve, double-nine or double-six.

Chicken Foot

Objective of the Game

The main objective of this game is having the lowest score when the last round ends. For each of the rounds, the player has the aim to finish their hands of dominos by playing those on the gaming board.

Chicken Foot Setup

The dominos are firstly shuffled by turning them face down. Then each of the players picks 7 dominos to create their hands. When there are more than 4 players, an extended set of dominos are required in the game. The total number of dominos that can be drawn increases when fewer players play the game with a larger set. For example, if 4 players use a double-twelve set, they can draw 15 dominos. Any of the remaining dominos are placed at the side which forms the boneyard.

Strategy of the game

Since the prime objective of this game is to end with lowest score, the players should try getting rid of all their high value dominos and also simultaneously prevent the opponent players from playing their high value dominos.

In order to do this, 1 strategy is to make an attempt to cover the exposed ends having high value and prevent the opponent players from chickie-ing them.

One more important strategy is hoarding the low-value dominos and then trying using up a definite number for which the player also has the double. Once one player becomes aware that there is no more three free dominoes for completing a chicken foot, then that player takes control as the round finishes by playing chickie. This is particularly advantageous for the player who also possesses a matching domino that they can use as their final domino.

It's always a nice idea to have the double-blank domino, in case it is drawn or dealt, as it offers no point value to the player who is holding it.

Just like in poker, keeping a watch for "tells" can and do allow one player to assume which of the other players might have high counts, thereby make plays which block those opponents from having the opportunity to play high value tiles.

The Gaming Rounds

The 1st Round

The first round begins by placing the highest double at the layout's center which starts the game. In each of the proceeding rounds, the next of the lowest double is fetched and taken as the commencing point, such as 6, 5, 4, etcetera.

The 2nd Round

Every time a player can play a matching double at an endpoint, he or she calls "Chickie" for indicating the beginning of another new "chicken foot".

End of one round

A round gets over when either 1 player plays the final domino in hand or if none of the players can initiate a legal play.