Rules of Dominoes

The majority of the domino games are actually blocking games, which means that the main objective of the game is to vacant one's hand and at the same time blocks the opponents. At the end, the score is calculated by counting the total count of pips present in loser's hands. The scoring in scoring games is different and occurs mostly during the gameplay, making scoring the main objective of the game.

Rules Of Dominoes

Block game

The most usual variant of dominoes requires one double six set for its gameplay and is played by 2 players. The 28 pieces of tiles are shuffled and placed facing down to form a stock or boneyard. A player draws 7 tiles and the remaining ones are not utilized. Once all the players start to draw tiles, they are generally placed on edge in front of the players, such that each of the players can view his or her own tiles, but no player can view the value of the opponent player's tiles. Each and every player thus can see the number of tiles that are still present in the hands of the other players during the entire duration of the gameplay. A player starts the game by playing the 1st tile or downing 1 of their tiles. The tile commences line of play, which is a tile series where adjacently placed tiles touch each other with matching or equal values. Players alternately expand line of play using 1 tile at 1 of its 2 ends. Any player who is unable to do this has to draw another tile from boneyard as long as he or she can use 1 tile in the line. A game of dominos finishes when 1 player either wins by playing the last tile or if the game gets blocked as neither player is in a position to play. In case that occurs, the player who blocks the game gets all the opponent's points beside his or her own points.

Draw game

In a Draw game, the players are also permitted to draw any number of tiles from stock before he or she plays a tile but not permitted to pass before tile stock gets almost empty. The game's stock is the total count of pips a losing player has in his hand together with the total count of pips left in the stock. The majority of the rules make it compulsory that at least 2 tiles should remain in stock. Quite often, the Draw game is simply referred to as "dominoes".

There are various adaptations of both of these games that can allow for more than 2 players, who may choose to play in teams or individually.

Line of Play

Line of play refers to the configuration of the played tiles as set on the table. Generally it begins with only one tile from where it develops in 2 opposite directions as the players keep on adding the matching tiles.